February 28, 2024

High-Quality Tree Wire 15-35 kV

Tree wire serves as a self-supporting covered conductor, substituting the traditional bare conductor in overhead primary distribution systems.

Its purpose is to mitigate outages, particularly in regions prone to incidental contact with tree branches.

Additionally, tree wire plays a crucial role in wildfire prevention by minimizing sparks caused by primary conductors striking each other or coming into contact with tree limbs.

Tree Wire Huadong

It offers a cost-effective alternative to more expensive options like aerial bundled or underground cables for addressing issues in existing bare conductor circuits.

While routine maintenance such as tree trimming remains necessary, tree wire can contribute to reducing overall maintenance expenses.

What are the advantages of tree wire?

This type of cable assembly can be used in overhead primary and secondary power distribution systems to prevent faults due to falling trees or where space is limited.

The cables feature a sunlight-resistant, track-resistant three-layer covering that protects against short circuits due to weather, wildlife, or foliage contact.

This design is key to mitigating forest fires, which have devastating effects on the environment and wildlife.

The covering serves as a safeguard against faults resulting from contact. A proprietary, high-density outer layer is designed to withstand abrasion, resist electrical tracking, and endure UV degradation effectively.

What is the application of tree wire?

Tree Wire Construction

Tree wire cables are typically used in low- and medium-voltage applications, such as residential areas with minimal environmental interference.

Parameters of tree wire

ACSR Concentric Round Conductors

SizeCode WordStrands (Al/Steel)Conductor Diameter (in)Cable Weight (lbs/1000 ft)
1/0 AWGRaven6/10.728284
2/0 AWGQuail6/10.777336
3/0 AWGPigeon6/10.832400
4/0 AWGPenguin6/10.893478
266.8 kemilWaxwing18/10.939480
336.4 kemilMerlin18/11.014576
397.5 kemilChickadee18/11.073660
477.0 kemilPelican18/11.154775
1/0 AWGRaven6/10.928391
2/0 AWGQuail6/10.977450
3/0 AWGPigeon6/11.032521
4/0 AWGPenguin6/11.093607
266.8 kemilWax wing18/11.139615
336.4 kemilMerlin18/11.214720
397.5 kemilChickadee18/11.273812
477.0 kemilPelican18/11.354938
1/0 AWGRaven6/11.028454
2/0 AWGQuail6/11.077516
3/0 AWGPigeon6/11.132591
4/0 AWGPenguin6/11.193681
266.8 kemilWax wing18/11.239691
336.4 kemilMerlin18/11.314802
397.5 kemilChickadee18/11.373897
477.0 kemilPelican18/11.4541,028

Aluminum Alloy Concentric Round Conductors

SizeCode WordConductor Diameter (in)Cable Weight (lbs/1000 ft)Size
1/0 AWGAzusa0.7282551/0 AWG
2/0 AWGAnaheim0.7772992/0 AWG
3/0 AWGAmherst0.8323533/0 AWG
4/0 AWGAlliance0.8934194/0 AWG
1/0 AWGAzusa0.9283621/0 AWG
2/0 AWGAnaheim0.9774132/0 AWG
3/0 AWGAmherst1.0324743/0 AWG
4/0 AWGAlliance1.0935484/0 AWG
1/0 AWGAzusa1.0284241/0 AWG
2/0 AWGAnaheim1.0774782/0 AWG
3/0 AWGAmherst1.1325433/0 AWG
4/0 AWGAlliance1.1936214/0 AWG
Wax wing1月18日1.239691Wax wing

Where to get high-quality tree wire?

Huadong provides tree wire designed for systems from 15kV through 35kV. Conductors are supported on crossarms or standoff brackets. Span lengths are limited by the conductor breaking strength and the amount of sag that is permissible.

If you need this type of cable, please contact us. Our technical and sales team will provide you with the most suitable solution and the most competitive price.

As an industry-leading cable manufacturer, we export overhead cables to North America, Africa, and the Middle East, which are favored by our customers, and we look forward to working with you!

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