February 27, 2024

What is SJOOW cable?

SJOOW cable stands as a robust, versatile service cord designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Featuring synthetic rubber insulation encased in a durable neoprene rubber jacket, this cable offers reliable protection.

Classified as a junior service cord, it is adept for 300-volt applications.
Configurations vary, with options for two, three, or four cores to accommodate single and multiphase power needs.

Available in sizes ranging from 18 to 10 American Wire Gauge, it supports ampacities from 10 to 30 amps, making it ideal for powering a wide array of tools and equipment.

What are the advantages of SJOOW cable?


Excellent resistance to oils, acids, chemicals, water, ozone, extreme temperatures, cuts, tears, and abrasion; Sunlight resistant.

Flame retardant; Indoor/outdoor rated; Highly flexible.

SJOOW Cable Construction

The durability and flexibility of heavy-duty SJOOW cable stem from its utilization of multi-stranded conductors and resilient yet pliable rubber insulation.

SJOOW portable cord features stranded conductors crafted from 30 AWG bare copper strands. It is offered with options of two, three, or four conductors.

Each conductor is enveloped in synthetic rubber insulation composed of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). EPDM, being a thermoset material, eliminates concerns of insulation shrink-back during wire stripping.

Furthermore, EPDM exhibits outstanding resistance to water, chemicals, oils, and heat.

An outer layer of neoprene rubber jacket encases the insulation. Neoprene boasts high-tensile strength and excellent resistance to abrasion, heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, water, and chemicals.

What are the applications of SJOOW cables?

câble SJOOW Huadong

SJOOW cable, designated for 300-volt heavy-duty applications, prioritizes flexibility and durability.

Engineered for demanding scenarios involving portable equipment, tools, small motors, and power extensions, SJOOW excels in hard-usage environments.

Its composition features color-coded synthetic rubber insulation, resilient against oil, ozone, and water (EPDM), alongside an oil-resistant thermoset chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jacket.

This robust construction ensures SJOOW’s suitability for both indoor and outdoor usage.

What Does the SJOOW Mean?

Commencing with the initial letter, ‘S,’ denotes the cord’s suitability for severe duty.

Renowned for its toughness and resilience, this cord is adept for outdoor use, particularly in demanding environments like heavy construction sites and workshops.

Following the ‘S,’ the subsequent letter ‘J’ signifies a maximum voltage rating of 300 volts.

This distinction is pivotal, as the absence of a ‘J’ or the presence of a ‘V’ would indicate a higher 600-volt rating.

signification du sjoow

The pair of ‘O’ letters signify both the insulation and jacket are fashioned from oil-resistant materials.

Conversely, a solitary ‘O’ would indicate solely the outer jacket possesses oil-resistant properties.

An ‘OO’ designation ensures continued protection even in the event of damage to the outer jacket.

Concluding with the letter ‘W’ denotes water and weather resistance, safeguarding against the detrimental effects of the sun (UV light), ozone, weathering, and water infiltration.

Huadong offers a wide range of portable service cords

When selecting portable service cords, it’s crucial to ensure they carry the appropriate designation to match your specific application.

Huadong offers a wide variety of portable service cord options.

SOOW: Engineered for severe-duty applications, this 600-volt service cord boasts oil-resistant insulation and a jacket suitable for outdoor use.

SJOW: Similar to SJOOW, this cord lacks oil-resistant insulation but features an oil-resistant jacket, making it adept for various settings.

SEOOW: Featuring a flexible thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket, this cord offers enhanced flexibility, particularly in cold temperatures, though it may not match the toughness of synthetic rubber.

SJOOW-tinned Copper: Exhibiting similar characteristics to SJOOW cable, this variant utilizes tinned copper conductors instead of pure copper. Tinned copper offers superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion, particularly in wet conditions.

How to get high quality SJOOW cables?

If you need portable service cords, please contact us. Our sales and technical team will provide you with the most suitable solution and the most competitive price.

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